Why work with an experienced listing agent?

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We’ve all heard the stories: Dozens of buyers, cash offers 10% and 20% over asking price, buyers waiving inspections and providing appraisal gap coverage. Just take 8652 W 67th Avenue – a dated and older home with a great view. After listing at $450,000, it closed at $600,000. With the frenzy of the current seller’s market, it just seems too easy to sell. More and more people are wondering: why even work with an agent to sell my home?

I strongly believe in the value realtors provide. Here are three reasons it’s worth working with a listing agent, such as CJV Real Estate.

  1. Selling a home is complex: A contract to buy and sell real estate in Colorado is 21 pages – 21 pages! There are 65 pages of MLS rules and regulations in Colorado. Then there is staging, professional photos, writing an attractive listing, pricing a home competitively, organizing showings, communicating with buyer’s agents, and evaluating dozens of complex offers. CJV’s knowledgeable and licensed professionals are here to navigate this process so you don’t have to.
  2. Large tech corporations and discount brokerages prioritize quantity over quality. There’s a reason for the saying, “penny wise and pound foolish.” Don’t expect a market expert to help you maximize the value of your listing, communicate promptly, or navigate the challenges of working with other realtors. Realtors prioritize clients’ needs and bear the stress and burden of selling a home while you enjoy maximizing your home’s value. Our clients repeatedly return to work with CJV. They refer us to their friends and family, including children and grandchildren!
  3. Little known fact: A contract to buy and sell a home is a bona fide legal document, not to mention the 6 page Seller Property Disclosure, the Lead Based Paint Disclosure, the Square Footage Disclosure. Sellers who choose not to work with a realtor expose themselves to legal risk and carry the liability.

In this market, it is common for wholesalers (who are not licensed, nor realtors) or large real estate corporations to take advantage of the emotional state of sellers and offer to buy a home with a short acceptance deadline.

Here’s just one recent example from the market:

2148 Patton Ct was listed for $459,000. It went under contract for $463,800 after only hours on the market, only to show up off-market less than an hour later! This seller decided to accept an early and aggressive offer before most potential buyers had a chance to even see it! They left $40,000-$50,000 on the table because it went back under contract through an off-market deal just a few hours later.

Sometimes it is advantageous to accept a truly great offer and sometimes it is best to wait for the market. As a trusted, experienced professional – we can help save you tens of thousands of dollars, keep your liability very low, and let you enjoy the sweet taste of success

Look to us at CJV Real Estate and let us help turn your imagined opportunity into reality!

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