Replacing Open Houses With 3D Virtual Tours During COVID-19

Patrick Finney Denver 3D Matterport 3956 Kalamath Street

While shelter in place orders occur during the COVID-19 pandemic, replacing open houses with 3D virtual tours is an excellent way to attract and keep engaged potential buyers. 3D Virtual Tours, like Matterport 3D, showcase your property beyond what photos typically can.

3D virtual tours are a realistic, immersive way to experience a property, with tools such as measuring, plan views, and sharing all make for excellent value. Using 3D technology such as Matterport is one of the real estate marketing tools we have been using at CJV Real Estate.

For more information on how we utilize Matterport 3D technology or discuss any property, please contact me or any of our realtors at CJV Real Estate.

3D Virtual Video of 3956 Kalamath St. , Denver Listing

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