Getting Ready For School Amidst A Pandemic

Patrick Finney Denver Back To School Covid19

Amid the news of delayed school openings and the anxiety of returning to online learning at home, parents are turning to an old solution for a novel problem: “pandemic pods.” However, these are not just the play groups of old. According to a recent article in the Denver Post, the spectrum of pods formation ranges from “formal “mini-schools” that operate out of a rented space to simply two or more families using their homes to share schooling, tutoring or child care costs.”

The small cohorts provide students with stability as well as social interaction, and leave open the possibility of adopting formal curriculum should schools not re-open this Fall. It’s one possible strategy to balance mental health and educational needs with physical safety. If you’re pursuing this schooling strategy, consider the following general recommendations from The New York Times article: The Dos and Don’ts of ‘Quarantine Pods’:

  • Find a family that is being as careful as you are and whose judgment you trust
  • The smaller the pod, the better
  • Pick a family that will enrich your family
  • Discuss expectations and goals for the pod
  • Share precautions your family takes and set some firm ground rules
  • Consider a commit to a smaller time frame that can be extended if successful

Navigating these conversations with another family can be challenging and unorthodox, but this might just be the resolution you’re looking for to provide a social and safe education for your children.

Patrick Finney Denver Back To School Covid 19